Manager Self-Service

If you are designated as a Self-Service Manager (by your faculty or department) you can see information about your direct reports, including:

  • Basic personal details such as name, title and personal phone numbers for use in emergencies (but not diversity information);
  • Employee Personnel Number;
  • Contractual details including job title, FTE, length of service, salary and allowances (but not payslips, P60s, or other tax/NI information);
  • Information about your team structure (eg who reports to whom).

The following guidance is available to help you use Manager Self-Service:

Self-Service Managers (and work groups) are managed by department/faculty HR teams. To request access to Manager Self-Service, please contact your HR administrator.

Login to HR Self-Service

Available on the University's network and VPN only:



If your query isn't answered here, please contact your HR administrator for help.