Your HR Self-Service Data FAQs

Please send your request to update your details to your HR contact (or equivalent), and follow your department’s usual process.

You are now able to view your full bank details in HR Self-Service. This follows the additional level of security delivered by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on Single Sign-On (SSO) accounts. 
We are exploring the possibility of enabling staff to update their own bank details in HR Self-Service. In the meantime, please send updates to your local HR administrator.

Your ‘Continuous Service’ is defined as the period of service as an employee on a CMS contract of employment with the University of Oxford (with no breaks). Your continuous service is used to identify your entitlement to certain employment benefits, such as sick pay and maternity leave pay. It does not include casual service or any service with colleges, subsidiaries, or other higher education institutions. See also: Continuous Service Policy.

If you would like to discuss/query the dates of your continuous length of service, please get in touch with your usual HR contact (or equivalent).

Please note that ‘Continuous Service’ and long service leave are different. Find out about long service leave here.

No. HR Self-Service does not show any data in relation to any of the pension schemes offered by the University.

Your length of membership for your pension scheme may depend on a number of factors, and is not always the same as your length of employment with the University of Oxford. For example, previous employment with a participating employer may count towards
your pension benefits. You can check your length of membership for your pension scheme by referring to your annual pension benefits statement. Alternatively, you can contact your specific pension provider:

Your appointment start date will be updated to reflect certain contractual changes including a change of grade, department, departmental restructures, and also occasionally as a result of departmental coding changes in the University’s HR Information System (HRIS). As such this date may not relate to your actual appointment start date, but to the latest change in the HRIS. For clarification, contact your local HR team/administrator.

If you have a fixed-term contract and need to check the 'end date', please contact your HR administrator.

If you are a casual or agency worker, you may find that there is information missing from your HR Self-Service record. As casual staff and agency workers are not employees of the University, only a limited amount of data is captured in the University’s HR Information System. You can add some details yourself, within Employee Self-Service. For others, please send a request to your HR contact (or equivalent) who will be able to assist.

The Payroll team record deductions under the Childcare Voucher Scheme (Computershare) and the University’s Nursery Salary Sacrifice Scheme as a negative allowance in the HR system. If you currently or have previously subscribed to one/both of these salary sacrifice schemes you will see the history of the annualised figures (recorded as a negative) in this screen. For example, if you receive £243 in childcare vouchers per month you will see an annual value of -£2,916.00 displayed on your record.

Some departments are now using HR Self-Service to submit and approve timesheets. As part of the system changes required to enable this, casual workers in non-participating departments will now see a £0.01 hourly rate displayed under the ‘Current Salary’ screen. This will calculate a current salary of £18.98 (36.5 hours x 52 weeks x £0.01 per hour = £18.98). Please be assured that this will not impact your pay. If you wish to confirm your hourly rate, please contact your HR administrator.

If you submit timesheets in HR Self-Service and your salary details are not as expected, please contact your HR administrator.

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HR Self-Service is available on the University's network and VPN only.

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System update period: 20:00 on Wednesdays – 02:00 on Thursdays.
HR Self-Service may be unavailable for up to an hour during this time. 
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