Looking after you - personal growth

What is your ambition? ​

Career Weaver | Oxford University Careers Service The Oxford University Careers Service offers a free tool to help you identify and articulate your strongest work preferences, motivations, skills and strengths.

What do I need to do to progress my ambition?

The People and Organisational Development Unit (POD) offers a DIY personal development page. This contains a self-diagnosis tool to identify the gaps in your knowledge and links to online learning to address those areas of knowledge. DIY personal development | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk)

Developing myself in my current role and for my next role

Management and Leadership Courses​

Centre for Teaching and Learning ​

The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports the academic development of teaching at Oxford by: ​

  • advising on course and curriculum design ​

  • enabling the adoption of new technology and digital resources ​

  • assisting in piloting new teaching methodology. ​

​They promote a range of flexible and inclusive teaching practices, and provide programmes, guidance and other services, including:​

Department for Continuing Education

The Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford Oxford University Department for Continuing Education offers over 1000 courses ranging from open-access short courses requiring no previous qualifications to postgraduate studies. All courses are open to staff. However, there are currently no staff discounts available. 

Said Business School​

The Said Business School offers all Oxford University staff a 40% discount on any Online Executive Education Programmes.​

Please take a look at the Online Programmes page to find something to suit you. 


University of Oxford learning schemes ​

The personal and professional development pages Personal and professional development | HR Support (ox.ac.uk) list some of the University Departments that offer training and development opportunities for staff. ​

​The University of Oxford podcasts are also available to all staff Homepage | University of Oxford Podcasts covering diverse subjects. 

External learning schemes​


The Oxfordshire County Council offers Live Well Oxfordshire, this website includes details of many groups and activities in the area. Leisure and activities – Oxfordshire

​Oxford University Staff are allowed to join most university student groups. Register of Student Clubs | University of Oxford.


You can search for opportunities near you on the Oxfordshire Volunteers website. Oxfordshire Volunteers promoting and developing volunteering in your area. A TeamKinetic powered website (oxonvolunteers.org)

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations NCVO - I want to volunteer also gives tips on how to find somewhere to volunteer country-wide.​

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