Return to on-site working – travel updates

Updated 9 September 2021

Update Summary

1. Government guidance 

The Government is at stage 4 of its roadmap, find out what this means.

2. Public transport 

Find out how can you travel to work safely and get updates on bus and rail offers and timetable changes.

3.  Staff travel and parking 

Find out your travel options for returning to on-site working including details about the new pilot parking scheme.

Government guidance

Public transport


  • As coronavirus restrictions are lifted, it is important to use your own personal judgement to manage risk. While no situation is risk free, there are actions you can take to protect ourselves and others around you when travelling on public transport. The requirement to wear face coverings by law has been lifted. However, the government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport. Full details can be found on the government’s website.

Bus update

  • University staff can get up to 30% off the cost of local bus travel on routes operated by Oxfordshire bus companies through the 'Double-Up' discounts scheme. The scheme, which has been running over the summer, has now been extended until 31 October. Find out more on our travel bus pages.
  • From 5 September, there will be changes to the X3 and X13 bus services serving Barton, JR Hospital, Northway, Marston and Oxford City Centre. Find out more on the Oxford Bus Company website.  

GWR, Chiltern and Cross Country trains update

Staff travel and parking

  • The University is committed to helping staff choose ways of travel that enable their return to onsite working.
  • We encourage walking or cycling, use of the Park and Ride and Park and stride facilities and use of public transport. If there is no alternative to driving, we offer a permit parking scheme.
  • If you need to apply for a parking permit during September 2021 and October 2021 you can apply free of charge for a temporary permission to park permit (TPTP). Find out which car parks are available and how to apply on our travel web pages. This scheme ends on 31 October and will no longer be valid. If you continue to park using a TPTP permit after the 31 October you may receive an enforcement fine.
  • From 1 November 2021, a new range of parking options are available which are all charged for. More details about this pilot scheme can be found on our travel web pages.

Read on for a more detailed explanation of the new scheme;

Step 1 – Choose the right permit for you – you have a number of choices;

  • A peak permit which is suited to staff who have a fixed regular onsite working pattern.
  • A flexible permit which is suited to staff who have an irregular on-site working pattern and may not know far in advance when they require parking.
  • An off peak permit which is suited to staff who would like to park from 4pm -7am weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • More details about our permit options and costs can be found on our travel web pages.
  • Additionally, two other types of temporary permits are available for all staff. These enable staff to hunt for a parking space at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (ROQ) and Old Road Campus (ORC) gravel car parks. These permits are only valid until 31 December 2021 when planning permission for these two temporary car parks expires which means staff can no longer park here. If you currently have a TPTP permit and park on these sites, from 1 November you will need a ROQ or Old Road Campus temporary permit to continue using these car parks. To apply for these new permits, use the University Parking Permits webpage. These temporary permits will only be valid during November and December 2021.

Step 2 – Choose the area you want your permit to cover – once you’ve chosen the type of permit, you need to choose a geographical area you would like your permit to cover. Your choices are;

  • The Central Area (includes Bevington Road, St Cross Building, Manor Road, Keble Triangle, Museum of Natural History, Parks Road, Science Area, South Parks Road, 7-21 Banbury Road, 56 & 58 Banbury Road and 15 Norham Gardens)
  • Old Road Campus – only available to staff listed in these departments
  • Osney Mead – available to any member of staff via their department
  • Begbroke Science Park or Ewert House – only available to staff at these sites

Step 3 – Apply and pay for your permit – you apply for most permits through your department using the Planon system. This is because your department is allocated a certain number of parking permits and is required to prioritise parking permits to help staff who have the greatest need. See details of our needs assessment on our travel web pages.

All permits are charged for. In most cases you pay an annual fee. For flexible permits you also need to pay a small fee every time you park using the University stores payment portal. This payment portal does not open until 1 November when the scheme goes live. You cannot pay for parking via the University stores. If you do not already have a parking permit apply now.

Need help?

If you have a question about parking permits, please visit the University travel web pages or contact your departmental parking administrator (details of who this is can be found on our travel web pages) or email



Local announcements


Rapid electric vehicle chargers go live

Members of the public and taxi drivers will be able to charge their electric vehicles in less than hour, as two shared rapid charging point sites go live on Keble Road and Manzil Way Gardens in Oxford. Further details can be found on the Oxford City Council website.



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